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White Tank c/o Dash B Boutique // H&M Jeans ( didn't find exact online, got them in store -- similar here and here ) // Forever 21 Mules // Quay Sunglasses from NastyGal // Vintage Bag (love this this and this)

Hey everyone! Happy Monday, let's have a wonderful week, shall we? I know I will now that these jeans are in my life. I cannot express how much I love my new ripped denim! I've been looking for a new pair lately, and these jeans from H&M are on point. And would you just take a look at this adorable top from Dash B Boutique! The loose, flowy-ness of it is so flattering. It is the absolute perfect top for spring. The lace collar detail makes me smile every time I look at it. They recently opened their online shop, and it's definitely worth a peek. And these mules! New favorites, absolutely in love. Also, this adorable clutch... vintage. And all thanks to my AMAZING sister (thanks, sis!). But I have linked some non-vintage, but similar ones above. This whole outfit felt very spring-y, and I am so glad LA weather feels spring-y as well. All you east-coasters... I am sending warm vibes your way! Oh, and thanks to the random fella on Venice Beach, I got to take some pictures with a snake. 

(( ps. if you are just interested in the outfit, no need to read further and thank you for stopping by :) ))
Alright... first off, I am so sorry for the 3 month break ( it's been 3 months?! say whaaaaat? ) from my last post. If you follow me on instagram, you know my husband and I moved to Los Angeles, or Hollywood to be more precise. If you have been following me for awhile, you also know we moved from Dallas, TX to Santa Barbara, CA last year, but our plan was to move to LA eventually. So after a year in Santa Barbara, we were finally able to make the leap out here to the city of angels.
So, I want to get real with everyone. By real I mean, REALLY real. It has been pretty tough getting here. It may not look like we have had a single problem at all and that life has been rainbows, flowers, and puppy kisses according to my IG, but that is not the case. I like to only have happy thoughts and pictures on my feed. It's kind of a nice reminder of all the amazing-ness in life, and it reminds me to focus on the good.  But life has struggles. And this move has been quite the struggle for us. Everything is super expensive, jobs and decently priced rent are very hard to come by... etc, etc. There were so many, and I mean SO many times where we ( and when I say we, I really mean I, because my husband is a rock and I definitely would not have been able to do this without him ) really wanted to give and just stop all of this. Go back to Texas, pay cheaper rent and bills -- we aren't going to make it out here anyways... blah blah blah. I had so many negative thoughts during this process. But two things helped me... My husband and knowing that God is with us and helping us through this entire journey and that He has big plans for us.
So, we sucked it up, I quit having my daily pity-parties ( I still have them occasionally, I'm only human ), and we got stuff done. We both got restaurant jobs right before we moved, so we work nights. Not our favorite schedule, but tough luck, we got to make things work. We moved from an already furnished guest house, so we had nothing. No furniture, no dishes, no anything. The first few weeks or so, we set up a tent and slept on the living room floor. After that we slept on our new (craigslist new) couch until we finally got a bed after living in our new place for a month a half or so. Uhm, hello! Moving is expensive... and even more so when you have to furnish your new apartment completely!  We are slowing getting some other furnishings we've needed. We haven't had time to explore the city like we wish we could because funds are tight. That's also another reason I have't been able to add new posts in a few months. We're finally getting settled now and getting this whole life thing figured out. ALL that to say... if we can do this and sleep on hard, cold floors for a few weeks and work restaurant jobs we don't like to pay rent... ANYONE can do this. Guys, GO! Live your dreams!! It will be hard. No doubt. It will take time. You will want to give up. DON'T! If you have a passion for something but it seems scary and not possible, say a prayer and just take that leap. You will have to work hard and things may not go your way all the time, but it will be worth it in the end. It's not even "there" for us yet, so my credibility on that may not mean much to some, but my faith is SO great. I KNOW in the end it will be worth all this. And if I was able to get through a big slump (still getting through it really), so can you! Okay... end to my weird vent/motivational speech.

I love you all! Thanks for stopping by and stay on the lookout for MUCH more to come! :)


  1. Perfect edgy look! I am so loving distressed denim right now and it pairs perfectly with white
    Dresses & Denim

  2. Such a beautiful post! Love this outfit on you – you look beyond stunning!
    Wishing you a Happy Monday!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  3. California is definitely a lot more expensive than Texas (I haven't been to Texas but I grew up in Cali). Beautiful outfit by the way :)


  4. I have just started following you but I already love what I see/read!! Thank you for sharing your amazing story, it is so inspiring! Good luck with everything :)

  5. Good for you girl, way to hustle!! Really happy I came across your blog, I look forward to reading more :) - www.shoesandsashimi.com

  6. Thank you for sharing your story! Hard work will always pay off.


  7. So I am sitting here totally heat-eye emoji over those shoes and then I scroll down to see they're from forever21. Now I am the dead emoji because I just died - what a find, I am no good at forever21/HM hunting. Teach me your ways!?!?!?!