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Forever 21 Sweater Dress ( similar, more links below ) | H&M Skirt | Boots ( sold out similar here here here ) | Bag ( old, similar here ) | Sunnies ( similar here here here ) | Earrings
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Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! Sorry it's been a minute since my last post. The New Year got the best of me. I got sick on the 1st and am just now getting back to 100%. I hope every single one of you had a great Christmas and an amazing New Year's Eve and Day! What has everyone been doing since the new year began? Anything fun? Exciting? New? I would love to hear from you guys. :)

So onto this amazing turtleneck. I have some bad news... I cannot find it anywhere online. So I am about to go an a mini rant... I adore shopping at places like Forever 21. Wonderful deals and of course you can find great items like this turtleneck. The HORRIBLE part... I buy it one week, and then it is no where to be found online the next week! I know they need to stay up to date and current and ever changing etc. etc... but to have THAT quick of turnaround time is frustrating when I want to share things with you guys! I was SO excited to share this sweater dress, but now... I am just angry! >:| So... all that to say, I could not find this exact dress online. I got it at a Forever 21 store. So if you see it there, snag it because it is WAY amazing. But, since I could not link this exact one, I have put together a list of twelve (12!!!) awesome turtleneck sweater dresses that are similar, maybe even better. And since we are already months into winter, lots of them are on sale! You can find those links below. 
Also... I got this sweater dress and thought... hmmm.. it's a bit short, but I love it, so I got it anyways. Well, I got home and I am looking at it without anything underneath... and it's just ever so slightly too short in the front for my liking. But I really didn't want to wear tights or leggings with it because I love the bare leg look with the bagginess and the color. So I just added a simple skirt to give it that extra few inches it needed on the bottom. Plus, I LOVE the contrast the black skirt added. So, don't be scared of things being too short! There is always a way to make it just right (or even better). :)

Some of my favorite sweater dresses | click picture for direct link

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As always, thanks for stopping by, loves! xox


  1. The sweater dress is one of my favorite pieces of the season! You complied a great list, thank you! (Plus, mustard is a wonderful color on you ;) )

    Xo Melissa

  2. The color of the sweater dress is my favorite this season! So cute!


  3. lovely pair of boots!


  4. This is a great outfit! Love it!


  5. Such a great look! Love that color


  6. I love this outfit. You look very pretty. :)


  7. That turtleneck is awesome! I love the colour and the cut. Such a great look.


  8. gorgeous boots and love the oversized sweater with them.


  9. Love this outfit! Love the sweater's color! :D -Maireem

    My Fair Autumn | Instagram

  10. Rant well deserved. I hate that you sort of have to buy clothes as soon as possible, because if you sleep on it, it might just not be there anymore. Sigh. The dress is really cute, and I really like the mustard color <3


  11. nice outfit ! love the mustard color ! x


  12. Loving this look, the mustard sweater looks amazing styled with your over the knee boots!

  13. Love the color and the way you mix proportions! So stylish!

    - Lindsey, The Fashion Barbie

  14. Your colour combination is just amazing... I LOVE THIS LOOOK and you look fab!!!


  15. The other day I was shopping at Forever 21 and it reminded me of the joke I have with my friends, which is there's always finding the forever 21 random piece which is soo perfect, but most likely never to be found anywhere in the store again. Thanks for sharing! Xo, Ellese


  16. I would've never thought to pair a long yellow sweater with thigh high boots, but girly you look gorgeous! I instantly followed everywhere!!x


  17. Amazing sweater, love this look!


  18. Love the colour of that sweater. So pretty! xo, Jodie


  19. GORGOUES outfit. I love when mustard and black are mixed together to create the perfect outfit, this is literally a perfect outfit for me. 10/10. <3

    xo, Lauren | The Dazzle Guide