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Faux Leather Jacket and Stripes
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Faux Leather Jacket, Stripe Shirt/Dress, Ripped Denim c/o LightintheBox | H&M Boots ( sold out online, but have seen them in stores recently, also similar here here ) | H&M Bag ( sold out online, super similar here ) | Sunnies | Choker

Happy Thursday peeps!
Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

Currently on day one of ten flying solo because Matt went up the coast a bit to Santa Barbara. And whenever he is out of town, I find myself working a lot more on the computer all day and binging a lot more shows. Just finished The OA. ( Which was amazing, and if you haven't watched it on Netflix, I highly recommend. ) So currently looking for the next great show to binge watch. What are some of your favorites to watch right now?! I need my next netflix-and-chill worthy show. (or hulu-and-chill, or amazon prime-and-chill.. well you get it. )

Okay, onto this outfit...

I needed a new leather jacket in my life, so I am so happy I ran across this one. Of course the leather is faux. Being a vegetarian, I will ALWAYS get the faux option over real. ( There are plenty of beautiful faux-fur, faux-leather, faux-suede, etc. items out there. Please always GO FOR FAUX. I could probably go on and on about this subject, but we'll save that for another day. )
This jacket is durable for the price. One thing to be cautious of... it had a small rip (looked like a cut from scissors or a blade) in it. But it is small and in a spot that is covered, so I didn't want to bother returning it. But just FYI. I still love it though.
This top is on their website as a dress. But I obviously wore it as a top. It is tight and far too short. So I would order a size or two up if you want it as a dress.
These jeans are so adorable. Love the rips. But again, too small. Because they were so tight in the waist, I feel like they didn't fit quite right, so again, order a size or two up.

Okay, enough blabbing... back to netflix-ing. :)
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Have a great rest of the week! <3


  1. Great jacket!


  2. Great casual style! Love the bag!


  3. you look great! I like your bucket bag and your leather jacket!


  4. Love the leather jacket, it is a lovely one ! Your bag is gorgeous as well, great finds <3


  5. Such a perfect casual look! Love the leather jacket!

    xx Nicole

  6. Loving these booties!! Stripes always steal the show for me!!! Happy Monday!
    Xx Brandi

  7. Great ensemble! Love your bag too.

    xx Kathryn

  8. That bag is super cute.x


  9. I really like the leather jacket and it suits you