Open Mic Night

I love little date nights with Matt. Last night we found out this cute coffee shop, The Generator, right by our apartment ( like seriously around 100 steps away ) was having open mic night.
We of course couldn't pass it up! So we got a little dressed up and went to have coffee (well, just Matt had coffee, I'm not a coffee gal ). And we split a slice of pumpkin pie. YUM! These kind of nights are my favorite. Not having to spend a lot of money, not driving somewhere far. It was a nice, relaxing night at a place we love.
Now, I know I am not the most fashionable, and I know people won't come to my blog strictly for fashion advice, but these kind of fashion posts are so fun! It's a little harder to be a fashion blogger when you don't have a ton of money to spend on new clothes, shoes and accessories every week. I just put together stuff I've had for years, but maybe hadn't thought to wear together yet. So regardless if anyone is interested in what I am wearing, I am going to keep posting these because I like to! :)  
This outfit was fun because I took a plane sweater and dressed it up with a short skirt, fancy necklace and heels. Very simple, but ends up looking quite classy and feminine. Plus it's a great transition into Fall outfit. Here in Texas, it's not quite cool enough for boots and leggings, but you won't burn up in a light sweater. Really the weather is absolute perfection right now. 
sweater - Levi's
skirt - Urban Outfitters
heels - Target
necklace - Windsor Store
small pink flower stud earrings - H&M

I hope everyone had a wonderful week. I am sure you are as happy it is Friday as I am! :) xoxo

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