Road Trip // Day One { part two }

Thanks for coming back to see the rest of day one!
If you are bored and do not feel like seeing our trip pictures in such detail, I will eventually be posting a video of our entire trip. But that will take the longest to edit. So that will come with time. :) But to those of you who still want to see photos, there is plenty where that came from. :)
Our next small stop on the first day after crossing the Texas/New Mexico border was in Glenrio, NM, which is RIGHT on the border. We did some exploring { but not too much due to the NO TRESPASSING signs everywhere } in a Glenrio ghost town. And I actually think part of this little strip of old town is in Texas and part is in New Mexico. We enjoy tiny pieces of history like this, and we like imagining what happened in cities like these back in the day. 

Next, we drove through Tucumcari, NM. We were not planning on stopping, but we found some fun little places to take pictures. :)
( How cool is this wall of eyes?! It was my favorite wall painting we saw the whole trip. You can contact them, and get your eyes painted up here. How fun?!? )

Our next stop was to the "Blue Hole of Santa Rosa" in Santa Rosa, NM. It is an awesome 80-foot deep, clear blue body of water. It has a constant 61°F temperature, great for swimming and scuba-diving (in the summer that is. When we went, it was SO cold outside.) It is so crazy to me that in the middle of this city is a natural, really deep hole with beautiful blue water in it.

Finally, to end our first day of our move to California, we stayed in a lovely little inn right in the heart of downtown Santa Fe. We had a wonderful room with fireplace and we were walking distance to the perfect spots in downtown. Restaurants, shopping, coffee shops, everything we needed. It was a perfect way to end day one.

I will be posting day two hopefully tomorrow! Thank you to those who are following along. It means a lot. :)
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  1. i love the first picture of you two! and that little inn is the cutest thing i've ever seen. MT has one of those super deep bodies of water but it's poisonous and birds have landed on the shore and died. so no one obviously goes swimming it in. i think i want a refund and want this clear blue hole instead. ;]

    also, i'm loving these pictures. i'm totally living vicariously through you.

    1. Ah! You are too sweet! Thank you so much. And yes, I would want a refund to from a poisonous body of water!! =| Thank you seriously so much for following along! xox