Road Trip // Day Two

I really feel like our trip ended just yesterday. Seriously. It came and went so fast, but I know it was because we had so incredibly much fun. I wish we could go on long road trips like this every month. Here is the second day of our trip!

{ got to have a mirror #selfie in the hotel bathroom right?! }

On day two, we woke up in the Old Santa Fe Inn in Santa Fe, NM. We had some of their delicious, complimentary breakfast ( which included a waffle maker and burrito bar -- yum ). Then we explored downtown Santa Fe a bit. All the shops were so fun. Had we not been on a tight budget, I would have bought something from each shop we stopped in. Plus there was a line of New Mexico natives with tons of jewelry on blankets on one of the sidewalks. So fun seeing the local people and what they sell. And we loved seeing all the cool buildings that looked very "Santa Fe-y". 

After we were tired of walking, we decided to drive around a bit. We found this really neat sign that spelled out "Peace" in front of a church. And then we stumbled upon some ginormous dinosaurs! I honestly do not remember where they were, or why they were there. But... I like dinosaurs. 

After stopping at a bunch of random places to take silly pictures, we decided to go on a hike in the Santa Fe National Forest. We were planning on hiking for a good amount of time. But, yikes! Us Texans (said in a southern accent) did not know how big of babies we are about cold weather. Plus the roads were pretty icy in most of the turn off areas. And our car is front wheel drive, so it would not have ended well. Instead we just pulled off on the side of the road, shot a few pictures, then headed back to the nice, warm car.

After leaving the National Forest, we headed from Santa Fe to Albuquerque. They are not very far from each other at all, but I have family in Albuquerque. So, we wanted to spend some time with them. They showed us around downtown and all throughout Albuquerque. Which ps. is the city they filmed all of the show Breaking Bad at. They took us by the a few of the spots they actually shot at on the show. A little more on that tomorrow. It was so lovely seeing family I have not seen in years ( and Matt had never met! ) and being able to spend quality time with them. It was the perfect way to end the WONDERFUL second day of our road trip.

...day 3 coming soon :)
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