Happy Valentine's

I love February and Valentine's Day. It is not just about all the hearts, flowers, chocolates, gifts, etc. It is (or should be) about spreading love and happiness to everyone!
To me, this lovely little day is all about love, and I really love love. I also love spreading love to others. It is crazy what a little love to someone can do for them, especially to someone who might really need it. This Valentine's Day, I encourage you to spread a little love to someone ( or multiple people! ), even someone you do not know. Tell someone special that you really appreciate what they do for you... Shoot a smile to the stranger you walk by... Leave a nice tip to the person who serves you and your significant other for Valentine's dinner... Spread the love today on this fun little holiday ( or let's just celebrate and share love every day! ).
Okay, okay, I know... enough with the inspirational speech! :) Fine. Another thing I LOVE about Valentine's Day are the pretttttyyy colors! Pink and red, what beats that?! So amazing. I thought for sure my outfit would be pink and red. But, I feel as if everyone is combining pink and red today. As much as I LOVE everyone's pink and red outfits, I decided to stick with pink and white with a little bit of  "love". 
Matt and I have been loving California so far. We love exploring new places (especially new places to take lovely pictures). It is so crazy moving to a new place and not knowing anything about it. But it really is a blast learning and exploring this new place with my husband. Like for this place (and I am SO THANKFUL for Matt's wonderful photography "eye") we were just driving around a little bit. He all of a sudden stops, pulls over, and says... this spot will be perfect. And it was! So be prepared to see more posts in front of this cute little wall. :) 
I know I do not have the greatest style, the best trends... I do wear the same thing more than once ( a lot more than once ), but I really enjoy doing these occasional outfit posts. They are a blast to shoot, so here you go! Happy Valentine's Day friends!! 

sweater - Windsor (similar)
dress - the Vintage Mobile (one of a kind)
heels - Chicnova
purse - Patricia Nash - Macy's
sunnies - vintage
heart ring - Windsor

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