Gender Reveal

This is not a post I would normally do, but this gender reveal video is just too good not to share. My beautiful sister, Payge, is pregnant. She is seriously the most adorable pregnant lady I have ever seen. She is a photographer [ Payge Stevens Photography ] and is one of the most creative and talented people I know. Her and her husband have two boys, my sweet, sweet, nephews, Benjamin and Zechaiah. I am so beyond excited for her little family to expand. I was sad that I was not in Dallas with her to hear the gender reveal in person, but this video makes up for it completely. Making a gender reveal video is such a fun idea! Soon-to-be-moms... take note. This video is awesome.

Congratulations Stevens family. Love you all so much. And Payge, I will try my hardest to be back in town for the birth of this precious new baby. :)

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