Road Trip // Day Three { part one }

Finally, day three! I am loving creating posts and writing about each day. It is helping me to relive the experience a little bit. :)

On day three, we woke up at my uncle's house in Albuquerque. My sweet aunt decided to take us out to breakfast at Rebel Donut. This gourmet donut shop was AMAZING. They were on Food Network's show Donut Showdown, and won the $10,000 prize. They have had celebrities come into their shop. And ( if you are a Breaking Bad fan like my husband and I, you will like this... ) they serve a "crystal meth" donut with blue crystals like on the show. They have also had actors Aaron Paul and Dean Norris from Breaking Bad come in and have some of the blue crystal donuts. How fun is that?! But, even if this place had no significant thing happen to them, I would have still loved it because these donuts were DELICIOUS! :)

After saying goodbye to my sweet family in Albuquerque, we hit the road again.

Our next destination was to El Malpais National Monument in Grants, NM. This was the perfect place to stop and take a nice hike. And it was so peaceful. We were there at a time when no one else was there, at all. It was just us and nature. So quiet. We thought for sure we would run into some kind of wild animal. We didn't. The scenery and views here were just amazing. I am so glad we stopped here. It was fantastic.
(this was a lot higher than it looks!)

After that beautiful hike, we hit the road yet again. Just driving we saw so many beautiful places we could have stopped. Had we stopped at every single spot we liked, there would have been at least 5x as many pictures. And I think we got enough. :) So I of course tried to snap a few from the car as we were driving. 

After driving awhile more, we got to the border of New Mexico and Arizona. Again, another special time in our road trip as it means a lot to us each new state we enter.... because... well, we will not be going back through these states. And this Arizona state sign was so beautiful! We loved it. :)

That was about the mid point of day three. The rest of day three will be up on the blog tomorrow. I hope those of you still following along are enjoying our trip photos. Like I said, I am enjoying SO MUCH posting these blog posts because it is helping me to relive this wonderful trip I went on with my hubby. Here is a sneak peak of what tomorrow's post will consist of... It's going to be a good one. :)
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