Road Trip // Day Three { part two }

We did so much on the third day of our trip, I had to split it into two parts. And as much as I loved the first half of this day, I think the second half was my favorite. 

After we crossed the border from New Mexico into Arizona, we stopped at the Petrified Forest National Park. The park is best known for it's significant Triassic fossils, but Matt and I went for it's scenic landscapes, the awesome hiking, and the beautiful skies all around us. It was truly amazing.

( I would not advise doing a cartwheel on a ledge of anything. :) )

The rock started to get a little less red, and a little more blue-ish, grey the deeper we drove into the park. We saw online to do a hike through the Blue Mesa Trails. As we were driving through the park, we could not find any signs or anything for hiking. Everything said "area behind sign closed" so we could not find the hiking area. We were about to give up as the sun was getting lower and lower. Then we pulled off to one last area, and there we saw the hiking trails. We didn't have much time before the sun was set completely, but I think we were there at the absolute perfect time for pictures. This little hike was perfect. 
I do not care how cheesy jumping pictures are... these were some of my favorite ( especially Matt's ninja pose! )

At the very end of the park where everyone exits, they have these adorable little tepees set up. The background was just too perfect to not get out and take a few more pictures of this cotton candy sky behind these cute tepees.

As we were driving to our motel for the night on a long two-lane road, we couldn't help but to keep staring off to our left. The sky with the sun going down was just breath-taking. I convinced Matt to pull over on the side of the road just for ten seconds so I could snap just one picture... We ended up staying parked on the side of the road for about twenty minutes. The sky was just too good! 
That second to last picture just makes me want to praise God! So moving! And this last picture is probably my favorite. So graceful... makes me want to ballet dance. :) Friends, if the beauty in all of these photos does not prove there is a God, I don't know what will. Oh, well besides the breath-taking beauty of the Grand Canyon! Those pictures are coming soon. :) 

Again, I thank you to those following along. I hope all these photos make you want to travel... or at least get out and find a place to take pictures near you that you may have never seen before. Explore more! Day 4 will be posted soon. Love to all of you. <3
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