Road Trip // Days Four, Five and Six

Day four, day five, and day six of our move from Texas to California. :)
The reason I am doing three days together is because at the end of day four, we stopped at Matt's dad's and grandmother's house for three nights.
The majority of these pictures are from day four. And just a few are from day five and six. I did not get too many pictures on days five and six because we were very busy visiting with his family that we have not seen in a very long time. But the pictures of day four are so great. :)

On the morning of our fourth day of our road trip, we woke up in these cute little tepees we stayed the night in.They are called the Wigwam Village Motel No. 6 in Holbrook, AZ. We saw them online and thought it would be fun to stay in these one night! Plus they were super inexpensive. But, through the night we came to see why they were so cheap. :) For our showers, we had about 30 seconds of luke-warm water, then the rest of the shower was ice-cold water! But, we weren't complaining. It was an adventure, and we very much enjoyed it. :) I think their cute appearances on the outside made up for the inside completely. Aren't these things just the cutest?!

And they had old vintage cars parked right outside of them. Too fun!

On our way out of Holbrook, I saw this cool wall with a little map of Route 66 on it. So I snapped a shot of our trek on this map. :)

Then after leaving Holbrook, we found this funky, little town called Winslow. Of course it was the perfect stop to take a quick #ootd picture. :)
Then we saw this random statue that was standing on a corner, and he literally had a sign that said what he was doing. :D

After driving for a bit, our next stop was to the Walnut Canyon National Monument in Flagstaff, AZ. The scenery here was so absolutely amazing. I could not get enough of all the beautiful trees on the amazing blue sky. It was incredible!
And Matt of course had to do something at least a little dangerous! :)
This park/monument was filled with old cave dwellings that housed Indians back in the day. There were at least 30 all around us that we could see. Very weird to think back on what happened in these little dwellings a long time ago.
And on our way out of the National Monument we spotted about a dozen deer just off the road. :)

After getting back on the road, before we got to Prescott, AZ where Matt's family is, we took a quick detour through Sedona. We did not spend too much time here besides a quick drive through, but I loved seeing all the changes in the rock color and trees just from city to city. 

After Sedona, we headed to Prescott to stay a few nights with Matt's dad and grandmother. It was so great to be able to spend time with them. Since we lived in Texas, it had been years since we had seen his dad or grandma. It was a great stop to spend time with family on our trip. We went to downtown Flagstaff, went on a few hikes, went into downtown Jerome, and just enjoyed company. Not many chances to take a bunch of pictures like we have been doing. Just a few snapshots of days five and six. :)
Oh, and this was my view those mornings. Their house was on a hill overlooking this beautiful scenery. It was lovely.

Thank you for taking a peek at my pictures for days 4-6. Only two days left of pictures for this crazy adventure! Day seven will be up tomorrow! :)
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