Road Trip // Day Seven

Here is day seven of our #winkelmeyermove. :)
We woke up super, super early to start the day because our next stop was to the Grand Canyon.
I think it was around 4:00 am when we woke up, because the Grand Canyon was about two and a half hours away and we wanted to get there before sunrise. Side-note: do not drive really fast when it is pitch black outside in Arizona... We drove right by a huge elk that scared us SO BAD! We were so close to it.... Thank the Lord it was not in front of us. Being from the city, we are NOT used to things like that. So we definitely slowed down after that. :) But, anways... we made it to the Grand Canyon before the sun came up. It was my first time seeing it, ever! So we wanted to make sure it was the best experience it could be. And it WAS. Looking out into this HUGE canyon is just unbelievable breathtaking. It is so surreal, and quite frankly emotional... at least for me! Just knowing the God who created this ginormous piece of artwork cares about little ol' me... that is just something I will never understand. It was wonderful.
It was so very cold before the sun came up. We were bundled up as much as possible, but then after the sun came up and we felt the amazing rays hitting out skin, we could take our gloves and scarf off. It was just perfect. We spent many hours at the Grand Canyon and took way too many pictures and videos. Hopefully these are not TOO terribly redundant. They are just too good not to share.

This was right before the sun started to rise. Then, we saw it start to gradually come up... So beautiful.

We headed back after staying in this spot for awhile AND after we could not take any more of our stomach's growls. They have this awesome hotel right on the edge of the Grand Canyon with a restaurant in it. And let me just say... it was probably the best breakfast Matt and I ever had. Ever. Seriously... so delicious. After out stomachs were nice and full, we spent a few more minutes just staring out at the amazing canyon. 
And you may have seen this on my Instagram, but these Sorel boots were life savers this whole trip. They kept my feet so warm, even when there was no snow and it was just super cold. They were PERFECT.

After we left the Grand Canyon, we did not really have any other stops planned until getting to Las Vegas. So we kept on driving straight into Nevada. :)
Saw the Hoover Dam!

Then we finally arrived to Las Vegas to my cousin's house where we were staying the night. Now, neither Matt nor I had ever been to Vegas. So we of course had to explore the city like straight up tourists. And it was a BLAST! 
The hotels and casinos were so beautiful! I absolutely loved all the colors, and it was SO fun to people watch. :)
And we of COURSE had to get a picture of the Little White Chapel where Ross and Rachel got married in Vegas! ( We are THE BIGGEST Friends fans.... If you are too, you will know what I am talking about here.  "Well, hello Mrs. Ross! Well, hello Mr. Rachel!!" )

All in all, we had a WONDERFUL seventh day of our trip. The Grand Canyon was probably the biggest highlight of the entire trip. If you have not seen it, you should! It's just as beautiful and magical as everyone says. Thank you for following along as we're coming to a close on our lovely trip. Final day will be up very soon! 
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  1. Congratulations to you both & blessings on your new journey!

  2. how cute are you!!! I just read your blog you are so cute holy cow