Happy July

So, here is an update on what's been keeping me so busy the past few months...

In March, I was doing only Etsy as my job, which is what I have been doing now for a few years. Unfortunately, Etsy seemed like it was slowing down... a lot. I have slow months or weeks here and there, but I thought this was just too slow, especially soon after moving, when money was tight. So I decided to get a job at a bakery. I used to work at a bakery, so I thought this would be perfect for me! And the actual job was great! The downside was... the hours. I went to work early, then right when I got home, Matt would leave for work ( he is a waiter and training as a bartender at a nice restaurant on the beach ). So we basically only saw each other on the two nights he was off. Plus him getting home so late from work each night, and me having to get up early for work... that just wasn't meshing too well.

Another downside ( but also an upside at the same time ), Etsy was picking back up! Which is great, but having another full time job, it's very hard to keep up with a lot of Etsy orders. Matt helped out where he could, but I was falling behind.
So, I would basically not have time for anything. I stopped working out, Matt and I didn't see each other enough, I was always tired, etc etc.  So, I ended up quitting that job to catch back up on stuff I was neglecting. And it turns out... it's SO much better for both Matt and myself now that I am just doing Etsy again. We have our days together where I am free to do Etsy all day long. So I have now been adding new things to the shop which I thoroughly enjoy. Or if we want to go on a random trip to the beach, it is very possible! And when Matt's at work, I can keep working through the night, or just relax at home with my sweet puppy. :)

Oh! That's another thing... We got our sweet puppy back from Dallas a few months ago when we went back for our friends wedding in April. We were worried he would be scared and not like living in a new place, but he has been great and loved it. We've taken him to the beach ( for the first time ). He didn't like it much at first, but he's grown to LOVE playing and chasing after his ball in the sand! The ocean, he is still not too sure about though. :)

Also... my sweet third nephew was born on June 13th. { YAY for being an aunt!! } We are trying desperately to get back to Texas to meet him. But money and Matt's job have been a little bit of an issue for us going back already. I might end up going alone ( I MUST MEET THIS SWEET BABY! )
Aaaaaand some more wonderful news, my best friend in the whole wide world @emilyspeir has announced that she is pregnant! I could not be more happy for her and her hubby. I REALLY want to see her with her little baby belly.

So anyways, that's my little life right now. Hubs and I are just enjoying every moment of every day. Trying to take advantage of where we live. ( Matt is surfing A LOT lately, and of course I NEVER mind laying out on the beach while he surfs. :)

I am really excited for July and this whole summer really. July is always my favorite month... for many reasons...
July 3rd - Our "engagiversary" for when Matt proposed.
July 4th -  Independence Day! Always fun.
July 11th - My birthday. WHOOO! ( I am slightly obsessed with birthdays, especially mine )
July 30th - Our anniversary! It will be 3 years this month. CRAZY!
And plus... July is always just beautiful, sunny and so summery. It is our first time celebrating all these things and this wonderful month in our new state... and I really think it's going to be a good July. :)

Love to all of you who are reading. Thank you SO much. And thank you for not giving up on me and my blog when I hadn't posted in awhile. Love love love you all! 

ps. Here are some fun, random pictures of my pretty bike I got recently. :)

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