New Everything + Plaid and Knit

plaid and knit fashion
Wow. What a crazy past couple of months. If you are here seeing this post, you may notice a few changes to the blog. I have officially redone EVERYTHING.

I got a new blog name, new domain (!!!), new look on almost everything, the works. I had stopped blogging for awhile, but I decided I really hate not blogging. (You can read more on that on my about page.) So I decided to change everything up and start blogging again. And I am SO excited about what is in store.
The name has now gone from Taylor Somae to My Cup Of Chic. There are multiple reasons for this name (again, more about that on my about page), but I have decided my main focus for this blog is going to be fashion, since that is what I am most passionate about.
I will now be posting more frequently, doing giveaways, hopefully collaborating, and lots more fun stuff, all while highlighting my favorite chic pieces. I hope you will follow along. And if you already are, thank you SO much for reading! :)

Now on to the post... Plaid and Knit
plaid and knit fashionplaid blanket scarf style
plaid and chunky knit styleplaid scarf and booties fashionblue aviators and black boots style
plaid scarf and knit sweater
chunky knit sweater fashionplaid hooded scarf style
H&M sweater (similar) // Forever 21 scarf // H&M skirt // Forever 21 booties // Urban Outfitters sunnies // old watch (similar here)

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I am just loving plaid lately. I know it's a recurring trend, but I am loving it more than usual this fall. And I really love it here with my knit sweater. It isn't super cold in Santa Barbara, especially during the day. It was just chilly enough to be comfortable with my warm scarf, but warm enough for my legs not to freeze in this adorable skirt. What is your favorite plaid item for fall?

Keep an eye out for a lot more posts like this. I am truly excited for the future of this new blog. Thank you so much for reading. :)