Coachella 2017 Recap


Day 1

What a WEEKEND! Omg. 
This was my first time attending Coachella. And it was crazy and amazing. I wasn't just attending as a guest unfortunately. I was covering the festival for Getty Images Social Media. It was obviously still a blast, but it was also a lot of work. But I had SO much fun.

My Day 1 look was easy and casual, but still very Coachella-y. Perfect for what I needed to stay comfy as I worked. I actually ended up walking about 10 miles each day, so something at least slightly comfy was in order.
I can't believe I wore an entire F21 outfit for Coachella. But as I was searching online I just kept finding great pieces on their site that I knew would be perfect for the festival!
I met up with the gorgeous Calu and Clare. ( We didn't take any pictures together, sadly. :( But you can see what we were up to with Calu in the video below. ) They were the sweetest ever, and I am so happy to have met them.
Other than that I pretty much just walked around all day and took a million pics and videos, taking in this amazing experience.

Also, I was not able to snapchat or insta on my personal accounts while I was there. But I uploaded a ton on Getty Images snapchat and insta-stories. Since as we all know the stories disappear after 24 hours, I saved them all! So I wanted to share my fun here in case some of you guys didn't catch it on their social channels.
So underneath each outfit description will be my Coachella Weekend 1 adventures as seen on Getty Images snapchat.

All from Forever 21


Day 2

Day 2 was the craziest of them all.
Since I was working this amazing festival, I had some 'responsibilities' I guess you could say. But really they were amazing opportunities.
On day 2, I left the festival grounds to attend the Victoria's Secret Angel Oasis Party. Luckily it wasn't far, but even though it was super close, it took me FOREVER to get there. All the roads surrounding the Coachella grounds were closed, and traffic was HORRIBLE. But once I finally got there, I forgot all about that traffic completely. This party, as you can imagine was beautiful! I wasn't able to take as many photos as I'd like, but again, you can see more of the party in the video below. Every detail was amazing. I am so honored to have been able to attend this gorgeous party.

I got so many compliments on this dress, it was unreal. From regular festival goers, from Coachella staff, from guests at the VS party, everyone LOVED this dress. And I loved it just as much! It was such a hit. I totally would suggest this dress to anyone! For a festival, a house party, a casual brunch, anything. This dress (shmaxi? I think it's called? (shorts + maxi)) was my favorite of the weekend.

So yeah... Day 2 was crazy and busy and way more work than I was expecting it to be, but it was still amazing!

Dress - Windsor
Studded Boots - Missguided
Sunnies - Forever 21
Backpack - Forever 21
Chokers - Windsor


Day 3

After an insane day 2, I was so happy that Day 3 was much more chill. I was able to hang around the festival grounds all day. I got video of anything that I hadn't already. And I rode the ferris wheel!
My Day 3 look is similar to Day 1, because unfortunately, my 3rd outfit from Pretty Little Things did not get delivered on time. ( insert like 10 eye rolling emojis here ) I paid the most for shipping too and they said it would be delivered on time, so yeah, I was pissed. But, I shook it off and just went with the flow.
I dressed comfy and casual so I could do all the walking and running around that needed to be done on the last day.
It was a really great way to end my Coachella experience.

- From Forever 21
Belt ( sold out, similar here and here )
- From Windsor
Coconut Water truck was Colima

If you hung in for this whole post, I want to hug you. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. I totally loved your day 1 look. So chic and sexy. other 2 looks are fun too. Love it.