Athleisure Set

Make Me Chic Sporty Set - @taylorwinkelmeyer
MakeMeChic - @taylorwinkelmeyer
Athleisure Trend Inso - @taylorwinkelmeyer
Hooded Sporty Crop Top - @taylorwinkelmeyer
Make Me Chic Sporty Set - Taylor Winkelmeyer | My Cup of Chic
Athleisure Outfit Idea - @taylorwinkelmeyer
Athleisure Trend Crop Top Set - @taylorwinkelmeyer
Sporty Hooded Crop Top - Make Me Chic
Athleisure Outfit Idea - @taylorwinkelmeyer

Black Crop & Pants Set - c/o Make Me Chic
Sneakers - Windsor ( similar here here )
Sunnies - old ( similar here and here )

Oh Athleisure trend, I hope you never EVER leave.
It's my favorite trend in awhile. I already love dressing comfy, but this takes my casual wear to a whole new and amazing level.
This sporty set is my FAVE! Seriously, so comfy but still chic. It's such an easy wear, I have to stop myself from wearing it every single day. The fit is pretty perfect! I have pretty thick thighs but the small still fit me great. The best part, both these pieces come together for only $19! SUCH a deal.

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  1. Super cute!! Love this look Darling!!!!
    Happy Monday!
    Xx Brandi

  2. The trend is comfy isn't it! I like it too!

    xx Margaret