Maui Jumpsuit + MY BIRTHDAY!

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It has been a minute since I put up a blog post. I've been traveling a bit, plus I was kind of focusing more on just keeping up my instagram. On vacay, I was posting 4 pictures a day. Bloggers who do that constantly, PROPS to you. It is a frickin full time job trying to post that much! So anyways, that's why I've been absent here the past two months. 

Today is my B I R T H D A Y !!!! 

I totally love birthdays, not just my own. Just birthdays in general! They're the best!!
I was planning on doing a fun birthday post, but time just got away from me. Plus, we are keeping birthdays very chill and low key this year because we kinda put all our eggs in the Maui basket... meaning, holy crap, Maui for two weeks was expensive! So we'll probably just hit the beach, go to dinner, and chill! You can see the low-key fun go down on my insta-stories

But even though this isn't really a birthday blogpost like I did last year (that was so fun!), it is still special because this was taken during our first week in Maui! 
If you follow me on instagram, you saw ALL the Maui goodness that has been on my feed the past two weeks. I mean, any picture I could possibly take in Maui, I took AND posted to my instagram. It has been pretty magical, I must say. 

This post is also special because, well duh, look at this FABULOUS JUMPSUIT! It is seriously the cuuuuutest. I am obsessed with it. I wore it way more than I'm proud to admit on this vacay. I mean it's literal Maui perfection. And under $40! Such a great deal! I had tons of compliments on it, and I posted it for like a second on my insta-story one night and so many people asked where it was from. So it's definitely a crowd pleaser. If you've been searching for a new floral/tropical/amazing jumpsuit, look no further, get this one!!

Also, I am working on getting together more posts all things Maui. I will probably put the two weeks into about 3 roundup posts. And I mayyyy or may not have a Maui VLOG coming your way.... So keep an eye out! :)
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  1. This jumpsuit is so cute on you!!!
    Have a happy day babe!!
    Xx Brandi

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! <3 I loooove your look! Makes me wanna wear something similar and go on vacation :D