Tassels + Maui Juice Stand

Tassel Dress - @taylorwinkelmeyer MyCupofChic.com
Tan Tassel Dress - @taylorwinkelmeyer
Olowalu Juice Stand on Maui - @taylorwinkelmeyer MyCupofChic.com
Where To Go In Maui - @taylorwinkelmeyer mycupofchic.com
Make Me Chic Tassel Dress - @taylorwinkelmeyer
Maui Juice Stand - @taylorwinkelmeyer MyCupofChic.com
MakeMeChic Tassel Dress - @taylorwinkelmeyer
Forever 21 Espadrille Slip-Ons - @taylorwinkelmeyer
What to do in Maui - @taylorwinkelmeyer mycupofchic.com
Tan Dress with Tassels - @taylorwinkelmeyer mycupofchic.com
Vacation Style Dress - @taylorwinkelmeyer mycupofchic.com
Travel Blogger - Maui - @taylorwinkelmeyer mycupofchic.com

Tassel Dress - c/o Make Me Chic
Sandals - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Splurge, Save

I am really loving this tassel trend that's happening this summer. Tassels are so cute and add such a fun detail to any outfit! This dress is basically a long comfy tee, but since there's tassels, I can wear it out and not look like I'm still in PJs. My kinda dress.

Also, this is a MINI peak into the Maui blog posts that are coming your way! This was at the Olowalu Juice Stand. Cutest spot. I wasn't the BIGGEST fan of their smoothies BUT! they have incredible banana bread. My fave was the Pineapple Brown Sugar. So. Freaking. Good.

Cannot wait to show you guys the rest of our Maui trip! I am working on those posts, so they are coming soon! Stay tuned!

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*EDIT: After publishing this post, my husband pointed out that almost every single picture is the straw in my mouth. XD I was going to delete some, but eh. Whatever. When you have something in your hand, you have to do something with it, right? What else was I supposed to do with a smoothie in my hands? 
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