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Skirt - c/o Wearall

Honestly, I never really liked gingham print. Two years ago, I would see it on a button up or something, and it reminded me of a picnic blanket. Or a cowgirl-type outfit. But now that gingham is a trend, they are making it so much better! I am in LOVE with this gingham skirt. And I don't feel like I'm wearing a picnic blanket! I have worn it way too much since I got it. Plus, it makes me actually look like I have some booty, even though I totally don't. :) Seriously the best skirt, and only $29! Comes in light blue and pink as well! I would highly suggest checking out Wearall. They have some amazing pieces and so affordable. Check out my fave jumpsuit from Wearall here.

Happy Thursday, loves!

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  1. I love this skirt and cannot get enough of these sandals!!!
    Happy Saturday Babe!
    Xx Brandi