Casual LBD

Dress c/o - Make Me Chic
Adidas Hat - Urban Outfitters
Sneakers - H&M

Saying a quick hello to you guys today! Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile! I hope you're keeping up with me over on Instagram, as I post almost daily there! @taylorwinkelmeyer

This dress is so cute. Perfect casual LBD. 

To be totally honest though, I probably won't be wearing it again for awhile. It is not quite made for my type of body. I was hoping it would be a little looser, and not skin tight. (I got a medium.) 
This dress would be perfect for those of you with kind of smooth bodies, big or small, but where everything kind of just flows... does that make sense? 
Let's just be real here..........me, I've got all sorts of pooches and love handles I ain't ready to be showing off in a skin tight dress. I was sucking in so hard for these photos, and I only chose the ones at good angles or where my hand is covering. HAH! So just a warning before purchase, but hey... when I finally.. eventually... (it will happen, right?) get rid of my love handles... I will definitely be whipping this bad boy out again. 

Have a great rest of the week! <3

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